Let’s Talk Juice

I recently read an article in The Washington Post that started out with the headline Step away from the juice bar. I’ll have to admit that I was taken aback from the simplicity of the article with only half of the facts from such a reputable source. The article talked about a woman going in for a check and being given the diagnosis of diabetes. She thought she lived a pretty healthy live because she drunk juice every day. The doctors asked her to cut out her juice entirely and to her surprise in a few months her diabetes was under control. First off….Uggggghhh. The implication here is that all juice is just fruit. That we slugging down apples and oranges over here with no variables. Which any Juice Optimist (aka ME) knows that the correct balance of vegetables to fruit yields far more health benefits than attempting to sit down and rip through 3 apples, a head of romaine lettuce and a couple of carrots. Let’s get all the facts before we scare the people.

Just Juice Jive

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