About Me

I’m a regular person, I just happen to be passionate about life. I discovered juicing about 6 years ago and have been enjoying the benefits ever since. I am inspirational by nature so everything I do has some type of positive message tied to it. Most of the people I know are too busy to eat a regular meal at dinner, let alone juice, but when I share my juice recipes they notice how delicious they are. I’m a juicer and a teaer (lol. I made that up) I brew tea EVERYDAY! I have a tea for everything that you could imagine. Likewise, I know what juices blend together to yield the greatest results for what may be ailing you.

My name is JuNene K. I call myself a Juice Optimist because juicing makes me happy and I like the pass those happy feelings on to others. I started this business just by doing something that I love and believe in. I want you to feel healthy, happy and whole. Consider me your CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer).


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined. -Henry David Thoreau